About Us

The history of blvck vlfred begins with a trip halfway around the world from Amsterdam to Barcelona, Milan, Cologne, Bangkok, Paris, New York and many other world metropolises. Looking for the latest trends and fashion highlights around the globe, my grandfather especially inspired me, whom I appreciate as a friend, father and teacher. He was a very loving and sociable person, but the vagaries of nature did not go past him in old age. The "black" of my brand was born. What´s his name ? Alfred of course.

Formationen of a Company

The steps of starting your own business are not always easy but one literally grows with the tasks. Pretty much every start up company is taking certain risks, its trying something new, is investing a lot of time into this new project, is confronted with new challenges and sometimes even goes beyond personal limits.


Sven Weber 

The face behind the brand


Photography & Web Services 

Violetta Baranowski 

Muse & Woman behind the Brand

Christian Moeres 

Founder of the Company 


Available Shops

No Excess Bad Muenstereifel Koenigs & Krecker

Cooperation Partners