Hardly any other term has developed as well in the past few years as the term sustainability. This is deeply rooted in our system. So we want to ensure that a natural system is durably maintained in its essential characteristics.

 With this approach, we sell in our online shop exclusively sustainable and non-endangered species or plants.


The international convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora is always taken into account to ensure a sustainable and international trade.


„Humanity has the ability to make development sustainable -to ensure that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their in needs." -Brundtland Report from the United Nations 1987


Freely translated, this means: "Sustainable development is development that grants that future generations are not disadvantaged, to meet their needs, as currently living. "

This Basic concept of sustainability is a guiding principle for our economic and ecological activities.

Sustainable Maintenance of Sunglasses & Wooden Watches

Who doesn´t know the problem: Streaks, greasy fingerprints or dust and dirt particles on sunglasses interfere with clear vision and require a cleaning of the glasses. Be careful, not every detergent is equally suitable for cleaning your sunglasses. The quick grip to handkerchiefs, paper towles or T-shirt should be avoided. Lukewarm water and mild commercial detergent is very suitable for cleaning sunglasses. Increased attention should be paid to cleaning and maintenance of the frame. Sebum and sweat are not being kind to plastic frames over time. Daily cleaning of sunglasses with a slightly damp cloth or rag is therefore highly advisable. Renounce aggressive cleaning agents that contain alcohol. Considering these care instructions will let you enjoy using sunglasses for a long time.